Correct & Camouflage

Neutralizes skin imperfections including, rosacea, uneven skin tone, blemishes, scars, and port wine stains. By neutralizing your skin imperfections first, the tone of your skin flaws will not show through your regular make-up. For complete coverage of skin imperfections, apply Corrector Camouflage under No Sweat Foundation, finish with No Colour Powder to ensure longevity. The oil-free, fragrance free formula provides a natural matte finish for up to 14 hours of wear.

Use Green to neutralize Redness

Use Blue to neutralize Orange 

Use Lilac (Violet) to neutralize Yellow 

Use Red (Pink) to neutralize Green 

Use Orange to neutralize Blue

Use Yellow to neutralize (Lilac) Violet

add a few Magic Drops to the Corrector to personalize and change the level of opacity and coverage in an instant in your blend. 

Corrector Camouflage Blue Corrector Camouflage Green Corrector Camouflage Orange
Corrector Camouflage BlueCorrector Camouflage GreenCorrector Camouflage Orange

Neutralizes organe skin imperfections

Neutralizes red skin imperfections

Neutralizes blue skin imperfections 

Corrector Camouflage Pale Yellow Corrector Camouflage Red Corrector Camouflage Violet
Corrector Camouflage Pale YellowCorrector Camouflage Red Corrector Camouflage Violet

Neutralizes purple skin imperfections 

Neutralizes green skin imperfections 

Neutralizes yellow skin imperfections

Corrector Camouflage Yellow
Corrector Camouflage Yellow

Neutralizes purrple skin imperfections